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Our Parish Vision emphasises the importance of prayer
Our aim is to put prayer at the heart of all that we do

For a coronavirus context prayer resource from the Church of England - click here
Daily devotional prayer from Lectio 365 from the 24/7 Prayer movement with CWR (Waverley Abbey)   - simply click here to download - its free for IOS and Android and tablet.
Here are some more suggestions for Prayer at Home click >> Morning and Evening  and if you would like more suggestions click here for supplement 1 and here for supplement 2.
Lord's Prayer meditation click here

  • We encourage people to pray at home and we offer support in the form of three leaflets entitled ‘United in Prayer’: 1) ‘Some suggestions for Morning Prayer at Home’, 2) ‘Some suggestions for Evening Prayer at  Home’ and 3) ‘A Supplement to Morning & Evening Prayer at Home’.  All three leaflets are available free of charge at the back of the church, as well as on the website, and a further supplement is in the course of preparation.
  • In addition to all the services advertised and the saying of Morning Prayer each weekday, Prayers for the Community are said fortnightly in Baynards Chapel on a Thursday morning at 10.30 a.m. and Prayers for the World on the third Monday of each month in Baynards Chapel at 10.30.  Anyone is welcome at these short informal services. (Not during the Coronavirus lock down)
  • We have a Cycle of Prayer (currently being updated) listing all the roads in the parish and highlighting each road in turn for our daily prayer.
  • We intend to include in our Sunday News Sheet items for prayer for the coming week.
  • In February 2019 we set up a Prayer Room, which remained open for three days, giving people the opportunity to spend some time quietly in prayer, with the aid of several different activities and stimuli.  This was greatly appreciated and was repeated in 2020.
Regular Bible study notes are available for those who find them helpful.  Many members of the church family are in the habit of reading a portion of scripture each day at home.


Michael Roberts, 18/04/2020